How To Use LearnFatafat Without Internet ?

LearnFatafat is e-learning brand helping students to learn fatafat (quickly) from past few years. This article will help you to access LearnFatafat courses without internet. So, before discussing how to use LearnFatafat without internet, let’s first take a short overview of what is e learning and what is LearnFatafat.

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E learning is electronic learning or more specifically learning through internet or electronic devices. Now a days, e learning has become a very popular mode of learning. Most important benefit of e learning is, one can learn through audios, videos, digital notes, etc anytime and anywhere. LearnFatafat offers e learning courses in form of video lessons. The name LearnFatafat suggest, learn anything quickly. Studies says that, human brain process visual information faster as compared to text. Our aim is to save time of students on learning and spread education to each student. Find some important tips to learn faster, read   “How To Learn Faster ?”

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.”

Video lessons from LearnFatafat increases grasping power of students, high knowledge retention and completes learning in short time. Thus, it requires less time for learning and saves time for playing. LearnFatafat is ISO 9001:2015 certified company, because of its unique quality content and short video lessons. LearnFatafat mainly focuses on K-12 domain of learning and offers courses for kindergarten to class 12 for all boards. In addition to this, it also offers notes, quizzes and NCERT Solutions to have grip over knowledge. Videos lessons are created by keeping indian students in mind. Videos covers concepts in easy to understand animation in indian accent.

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LearnFatafat courses available in two forms –

LearnFatafat Courses for All Boards kids and competitive exams

  • Online Courses

  • Offline Courses

LearnFatafat Online Course – Online course is available for those who have high speed internet connection. To access online course internet is required. Without internet connection users cannot use online video course.

LearnFatafat Offline Course – To access courses without internet connection, LearnFatafat offers them course in Pendrive, DVD, SD Card and Android Tablets. Therefore, students can access course without internet.

How To Use LearnFatafat Without Internet ?

LearnFatafat Courses for All Boards kids and competitive exams

Students can use LearnFatafat video course in Pendrive, DVD, SD Card and Android Tablet without internet connection. It is very easy to access course without internet. Let’s see how to use them –


Learnfatafat video course pendrive is simple plug and play device. Plug and Play means plug pendrive to your computer or laptop and play video. It is very simple to use and saves time. Internet is not required to access this course.You can watch videos anytime and keep learning till the validity. The course is valid for 12 months from the date of activation. You can watch videos number of times, before the expiry of course.

How to play videos-

  1. Plug pendrive to your laptop or computer.

  2. Open LearnFatafat.exe or LearnFatafat application

  3. Select any subject.

  4. Select a chapter you want to study.

  5. Select the topic name and click the start button below to play the video.


LearnFatafat video course is available in installable DVD. As, the DVD is installable, so there is no need to insert the DVD again and again to watch videos. User needs to install the course only for first time inorder to access course. After installation and activation, user can watch videos without internet. To access course on your computer or laptop without internet install DVD using following steps.

  1. Insert DVD into the computer where you will watch videos.

  2. Double click on DVD in my computer.

  3. Install course with default setting.

  4. Activate course after installation.

  5. Remove DVD from your computer or laptop.

How to watch videos –

  1. Open LearnFatafat.exe or LearnFatafat application from your computer.

  2. Select subject.

  3. Play videos from any subject.

SD Card

LearnFatafat video course is available in SD Card or Memory Card. Users can access LearnFatafat video course through SD card on Android Mobiles / Tablets without internet. Users only need to insert SD Card in any android mobile or tablet having android version 4.1 or above. Complete the course activation process and can watch videos from anywhere, anytime. Follow the easy steps given below to activate the course

  1. Insert LearnFatafat Video Course SD Card into your Android Mobile or Tablet.

  2. Open SD Card location in file manager.

  3. Install LearnFatafat.apk which is available in SD Card.

  4. Now open LearnFatafat application and click on create package (make sure that mobile is connected with internet). The Internet is required only for 2 to 5 minutes until the course gets activated.

How to access videos from SD Card –

  1. Open LearnFatafat application.

  2. Select subject.

  3. Now open video from the chapters. Internet is not required to access video lessons of this course.


LearnFatafat video course is available in Android Tablet. It is very easy to access course on Android Tablet. Before accessing the course user need to activate first. Learn how to activate the course on android tablet –

  1. Open LearnFatafat application from home screen of tablet.

  2. Click on the create package (Make sure that the tablet is connected with the internet till the course gets activated).

How to watch videos –

  1. Open LearnFatafat application.

  2. Now select subject.

  3. Play video from any lessons you wanted to learn.

We hope that the above article proves helpful for you. Share this article with your family and friends, drop your comment or suggestions in comment box below.

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