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We live in India, yet, we know a little about Indian history. The social, economical, cultural and political conditions of today were shaped by various events in the Indian History. Various battles are being considered as the major events in the Indian history. In this article I will help you to have a quick walkthrough over the Famous Battles in India. Since there is a huge weightage of Historical wars in education as well as in the competitive exams therefore having knowledge about them is a must. Throughout this article our focus will be on the time of event, the contestants, result and the importance. So let’s begin.

The Battle of Tarain – 1191

We will start with The first battle of Tarain also called First battle of Taraori. Tarain is a place near historic town Thanesar, in Kurukshetra district, in Haryana. The war broke out as a result of Mohammad Ghori’s try to invade into Prithwiraj’s kingdom. And so the first battle of Tarain took place in 1191 between Prithwiraj Chauhan and Mohammed Ghori. In the personal battle or also called Melee combat with Govind Tai, Ghori was wounded and so Ghori’s army retreated. Hence, Prithwiraj Chauhan won the first battle of Tarain in 1191. Muhammad of Ghor begged for mercy and the kind Prithviraja pardoned him.

The Second Battle of Tarain – 1192

To take revenge, Muhammad of Ghor returned in 1192, through Khyber pass and the two armies met again at Tarain for the Second Battle of Tarain in 1192. This time instead of personal battle, Muhammad of Ghor used his tactics to fight with the disciplined Rajput warriors. Muhammad of Ghor won one of the famous battle in India that is second battle of Tarain in 1192. This famous battle established the foundation of Mughal empire in India.

The Battle of Chandawar – 1194

After defeating Pruthwiraj Chauhan, Mohammad Ghori attacked India again but this time he attacked Jaichandra, the king of Kannauj and competitor of Prithwiraj. The battle between Ghori and Jaichandra was fought at chandawar (modern day Chandawal, near Firozabad) on the bank of Yamuna River close to Agra, in (1193 – 1194) called the Battle of Chandawar. Jaichandra, the king of kannauj got killed in this battle and Ghori won the battle chandawar.

The First Battle of Panipat – 1526, 21st April

Panipat is a place in Haryana, near Delhi. The first battle of Panipat was fought between Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi. Babur belonged to the Timurid dynasty whereas Ibrahim Lodhi belonged to the Lodhi dynasty. Babur was the ruler of Kabulistan whereas Ibrahim Lodhi was the Sultan of Delhi. In this famous battle in India, Babur along with 15000 men, was able to defeat and kill Ibrahim Lodhi, even though Lodhi had 30000 – 40000 men and about 1000 war elephants. It was because of the artillery cannons and the new war tactics introduced by Babur named, the tulughma and the araba. It was the first time artillery cannons were used in India in any war. Ibrahim’s army lacked any field artillery. The sound of cannons frightened Lodhi’s elephants, causing them to trample Lodhi’s own men. Had Lodhi survived for an hour he would have won the battle.

Battle of Khanwa – 1527

Khanwa is in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. This battle was fought between Babur and Rajput forces led by Rana Sanga. Babur defeated the Rajput forces and won the battle.

Battle of Chanderi – January 1528

It was the battle fought between Babur and Medini Rai Khangar. Medini Rai was the ruler of Malwa and an ally of Rana Sanga. Babur offered Shamshabad to Medini Rai but the offer was rejected by Rai. They fought with courage however Babur won the battle. As was custom, Jauhar was organised and many brave women, children and soldiers commited mass suicide to escape capture. After this battle Chanderi came under Mughal control.

Battle of Ghaghra 1529, May 6th

It was fought between Babur and Sultan Mahmud Lodi, on the bank of river Ghaghra near Bihar. It was won by Babur. After this battle the control of Mughal Empire was fully established and secured over India.

Battle of Chausa, 1539, 26th June

It was fought between Humayun and Sher shah suri at Chausa, in Bihar. In this battle Sher Shah Suri defeated the mughal emperor Humayun. Humayun escaped from the battlefield to save his life.

Battle of Kannauj, 1540, 17th May

Humayun came back to take back Delhi from Sher Shah Suri however he was not successful. Sher Shah Suri won the battle of Kannauj. After this battle Humayun left India and went into exile for 15 years. He returned when Sher Shah died and took easy possession of Delhi and Agra.

The Second Battle of Panipat – 1556, 5th November

Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, popularly called Hemu, defeated the mughals led by Tardi Beg Khan at the Battle of Delhi and established Hindu control on Delhi after 350 years of mughal rule. According to Abul Fazl’s Akbarnama, Hemu was preparing to attack Kabul. The army of Hemu led by himself met the army of Akbar at Panipat. At that time Akbar was 13 years old and so his guardian Bairam Khan did not want him to participate in the battle. Bairam khan and Akbar stayed 8 miles away from the battlefield within the protection of 5000 skilled mens. During the war Hemu was fully protected but still an arrow was able to pass through the eye of Hemu and thus Hemu was killed. Had seen the leader absent in his howdah, Hemu’s army was in disarray and defeated in the ensuing confusion.

Battle of Talikota – 1565, 26th January

The battle was fought between the Sultanates of Deccan and Vijayanagar Kingdom. The Sultanates of Deccan defeated Vijayanagar kingdom. This led to reduced influence of Vijayanagar kingdom in southern politics.

Battle of Plassey – 1757, 23rd June

In this battle Robert Clive holding the command of British East India Company defeated Siraj-ud-daula with the help of Mir Zafar. This battle laid the foundation of British Empire in India.

Battle of Wandiwash – 1760, 22nd January

This was the continuation of a seven years war between the British and the French. In this battle British decisively defeated French in India. The battle was part of the third Carnatic war.

The Third Battle of Panipat – 1761, 14th January

It was fought between Afgan emperor, Ahmed Shah Abdali and Marathas. In this battle Ahmed Shah won the battle. The battle gave a setback to growing expansion of Maratha in the north. It made the entry of British easier.

Battle of Buxar – 1764, 22nd October

British East India Company, under the command of Hector Munro defeated the combined forces of Mir Qasim the Nawab of Bengal, Shuja-ud-daula the Nawab of Oudh and Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II.

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