Benefits Of Tree Plantation

Trees or plants are the living structure belonging to kingdom plantae . It is identified by stem, leaves, trunk, fruits, leaves and flowers. You must have enjoyed going to a hill station. What do you liked the most green landscapes? Blue sky? Soothing breeze? Tall trees? Chirping of birds? Or probably all of these. What would happen if there are no trees? Would you have enjoyed such a beauty of nature? I would say NO. We humans are cutting down trees to fulfill our needs. Forest land are cut down to make industries, build residencies, constructing highways and many more. If we take closer look on the subject, then we can understand that cutting of tree require few hours of activity but for growing a tree into a giant requires several number of years. To spread awareness about benefit of trees, LearnFatafat presents you this blog article.

Benefits of tree plantation

benefits of tree plantation

Trees Are Our Best friends

Benefits of trees to environment

During photosynthesis trees take in atmospheric carbon dioxide and releases oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen is utilized by all living beings to breathe. Also, it helps to maintain level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Due to exponential growth in cutting of trees carbon dioxide has increased in atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It traps heat of the sun. Due to increase in amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere more amount of heat is trapped in the atmosphere. This leads in melting of polar ice caps. If this continues, one day we will find earth flooded with water. Thus, there is need to promote tree plantation.

Trees reduce wind speed also it provides cooler air. Moreover, roots of trees hold the soil firmly, thereby, preventing soil erosion. It is interesting to know that, trees helps in removing dust particle or fumes from the atmosphere and trap them in trunk, leaves and branches. Thus, trees improve the quality of air. Trees, also control the climate by balancing the effect of sun, winds and air. They are also responsible for maintaining the watercycle .

Benefits of trees for health

Trees provides us protection from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. they also, provides us with clean and fresh air, thus reduces chances of respiratory diseases . Moreover, having trees in surrounding helps to drop the blood pressure at normal level, maintains good heart rate and lowers down the stress level. Trees reduces the quantity of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in air, thereby reducing air pollution. Not only air pollution but also noise pollution is reduced by trees. Trees cut the sound from the surrounding thereby, reducing noise pollution.

Benefits of trees for wildlife

Trees provides habitat for various living organisms like bird, insects, fungi, etc.

Benefits of trees as food and as fertilisers

Trees provides food for all living organisms. Animals like goats and elephants feed on leaves of trees. Bees and birds use nectar of flower as food. Animals like monkey use fruits of trees as food. Even we human depend on plants for food. Moreover, trees are also used as fertilisers. Dead leaves from trees work as fertilisers. However, there are several plants like gaur which fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil.

Benefits of trees commercially

Variety in flowers provides good nectar hence, honey can be obtained from it. Rubber gum are also obtained from trees. Trees are cut down to obtain wood pulp which is used in manufacture of paper. Moreover trees provides us with medicines to cure diseases. Neem is widely used for its antibiotic, antifungal properties. In ancient times neem leaves were kept within the grain to prevent it from attack of insects and fungus. Aloe Vera is used in several beauty products. Sandalwood is famous for the perfume, it is also used in beauty products. Spices like cinnamon and more are obtained from trees which adds taste to food. Wood obtained from trees are used for furniture, doors, in construction site. It is also used as fuel in preparing food.

Spiritual value of trees

In India trees like banyan tree, neem tree are worshipped on large scale. Various myths are based on the trees which have holy beliefs.

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Trees and entertainment

Trees makes us feel relax, comfortable. It promotes group activities like walking, birdwatching. Reading books under the trees is one of the soothing experience. Playing around tree and climbing tree are the favourite sport among the kids. In fairy tales, forest are the important source of mystery. Bonfires are familiar at campaigns and trekking spot.
After reading the benefits of trees you must have understood how important it is to plant trees and save trees. Extend your hands in tree plantation. Support reforestation and grow more trees. Stop deforestation !!! In this rainy season make sure that “each one plant one”.

Do You Know?

The oldest tree in India is The Great Banyan Tree located at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah, near Kolkata, India. It is believed that the tree is above 250 years old in age. At present, circumference of tree is 486 m and the highest branch rises 24.5 m in air.
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