How To Learn Fast ? – 22 Ways To Learn Faster

In today’s fast paced world, students have lots of subjects to learn and activities to complete. Engaging in so many different tasks at a time, leaves you in confusion and results in lowering of performance. So, are you ready to improve performance and speed up your learning? Given below are 22 ways to learn faster which solves your problem of how to learn fast. If you follow these ways, then these will definitely help you in achieving faster learning.

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How to Learn Fast – 22 Best Ways To Learn Faster

1. Time Management

Time management is most important task. Everyone has same 24 hours and it is up to you how effectively you utilize this time. Schedule your studies in such a way so that you can manage studies and other routines effectively.

2. Plan And Action

It is truly said that, “Plan your work, and then Workout your plan”. Divide your subjects and allocate time accordingly. Study 1 to 2 subject daily and then repeat same for other subjects. Don’t study all subjects in one time.

3. Revision

Make habit of revising concepts at regular time intervals. Revising lessons will build your confidence and understanding deeper into the concept. If it is Maths, then practice as many problems as you can. Whatever you are going to study today, revise it next day before moving to next topic. This will also help you in understanding concepts logically.

4. Learn To Live

Always study to understand and learn. Never ever parrot read a concept. You can enjoy learning by correlating study concepts with real life situations. This will help you understand it forever.

5. Examine Frequently

Assessment is very important. Take chapter wise tests frequently to assess your understanding and knowledge. This will boosts your confidence and you can track your progress from such tests.

6. Say NO To Distractions

Keep yourself away from distractions like televisions, mobile games, movies and other activities that distracts your concentration. But this does not means that you should stop watching TV etc. You can watch TV and play games but for short period of time, just to refresh your mood.

7. Simplify Lessons

Break down your syllabus lessons into smaller chunks and then study. This will simplify your study process. Always focus on important points and don’t spend too much time on irrelevant points. Give LearnFatafat reference here

8. Have Suitable Strategy

Follow a suitable strategy which you find best for you. Take for example – First read complete topic from textbook, then watch LearnFatafat video based on topic. And then revise it again. This will definitely boost your learning speed. Also, you can summarise lessons into key points and take down notes for future revision.

9. Take Good Sleep

Research studies shown at one should sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. This will improve your productivity and efficiency. Don’t ever take studies as burden and being in worry all the time. Have good relaxation and enough sleep.

10. Eat Healthy Food

Always maintain balanced diet and eat nutritious food. Never skip your breakfast. Along with nutrition, timing of food intake is also important. Never eat too much of junk, spicy food that affects your health adversely. Avoid eating in late nights and avoid caffeines from your diet.

11. Maintain Healthy Living Habits

Early to bed and early to rise, make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Maintain good living habits like Get up early, Organise your stuffs in place, Respect your elders and teachers, Be positive and proactive, etc. Avoid leaning in bed and study. Practice exercise and meditation daily.

12. Be Attentive

Pay attention in your classroom lectures. Note down key points. While learning, be present physically, mentally, emotionally, whether its a classroom or study room at your home. Study with full concentration and attention.

13. Focus On Efforts, Not On Results

Success is nothing but just an outcome of your hard work and efforts. So, always focus on your efforts and hard work. Don’t think about results as they are dependent on your efforts. No efforts, No success. Also, never compare yourself with others and always try to be the best version of you. You are the only competitor of yours.

14. Be Consistent

It is said that consistency is the key to success. You must be aware of “Turtle and Rabbit” story of race. Turtle won the race because of his consistent efforts. You must also start study from day 1 of your academic session and study regularly.

15. Take Breaks

Continuous learning will lower down your productivity. It is important to take 5-10 minutes breaks after every half an hour from your studies. This way you will not get bored and start fresh again. For this, you can go out and breathe in fresh air for sometimes or water plants in garden or any other short activity.

16. Have Questions

It is very important to note down difficulties and get resolved those in time. Never hesitate in asking questions to your tutors or elders. If you feel hesitation in asking, then prepare a list of questions and then get those resolved.

17. Make Achievable Goals

Prepare list of goals that you want to achieve. Then start working on it till it is achieved. This will help you to stay focused in direction and measure your performance.

18. Engage Yourself

Keep at least one of your passion alive and practice it. Don’t forget to live your passion. When we are growing up, we make ourselves so busy in studies and other activities that we forget to work those things which actually makes us happy. So remember to keep yourself engaged in your passions and hobbies. This will keep you positive and improve your performance

19. Don’t Stress, Enjoy Study

It is habit of some students and natural for some, where they suffer from stress and tension during their exam times. Do not take stress for studies. The only remedy to cure stress is to study consistently and daily. Instead of living in tension, one should live in present moment and work hard because next year again, there will be some other learnings and it is never ending. So do not take stress and enjoy study.

20. Faster Learning From Visuals

Research studies proved that our brain processes visuals faster then text. Videos lets you understand topic faster as compared to text. So, learning from video lessons of LearnFatafat will save lot of time and fasten your learning. See how LearnFatafat helps to Learn anything Fatafat here

21. Practice 3 C’s

Confidence, Consistent, Clear. Practice these 3 Cs, always be confident and give your best efforts, be regular and consistent in learning and be clear in whatever you learn. Don’t keep queries for longer time. Get those resolved on time.

22. Be Specific

While studying, do not refer too much of study materials like 2-3 different reference guides of different authors, different textbooks etc. Be specific and refer concrete study material only. Self study is the best study.

So these are some ways of how to learn fast and better. Hope this article proves helpful to you. If you find these ways useful, then share this article, with your friends, also write your views in the comments given below.
Happy reading ☺!!! Happy Learning ☺ !!!

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