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About Class 11 Course

CBSE 11 Course consists of Physics & Chemistry. User can access courses in Pen drives, DVDs, SD Card, Laptops, Computers, Tablet & android Mobile phones. There are total 29 chapters covered in 584 videos each consisting of chapter based and topic based quiz for assessment. Course duration is 32 hours. LearnFatafat course is best suitable for Concept learning, Crash course, Quick understanding and Self-study.

Pascal's Law

Course Content

01 Physical World

02 Units and Measurement

03 Motion in a Straight Line

04 Motion in a Plane

05 Laws of Motion

06 Work Energy and Power

07 System of Particles and Rotational Motion

08 Gravitation

09 Mechanical Properties of Solids

10 Mechanical Properties of Fluids

11 Thermal Properties of Matter

12 Thermodynamics

13 Kinetic Theory

14 Oscillations

15 Waves

01 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

02 Structure of Atom

03 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

04 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

05 States of Matter

06 Thermodynamics

07 Equilibrium

08 Redox Reactions

09 Hydrogen

10 The s-block elements

11 The p-block elements

12 Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles and Techniques

13 Hydrocarbons

14 Environmental Chemistry






Hrs. Duration

2k +

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Video Lessons

Average Velocity and Speed

Factors affecting I.E.

Pascal's Law


Universal Law of Gravitation


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