Save Water Save Life

You must have heard this title “ Save water save life ” many times. What does these words in the slogan actually mean? They tells us that, without water there will be no life on Earth. But how? Here, I am going to discuss with you about water, its importance, pollution and wastage of water, how can we save water to keep life safe on Earth.

Water – A Wonder Liquid

Three fourth part of earth is covered with water. Out of this, oceans and glaciers constitutes 97% of water. This large amount of water is either saline or present in form of ice, making it unsuitable for domestic purpose. Whereas, other 2.5 % is freshwater available in lakes, rivers etc, which is useful for domestic work. Moreover, water, both saline as well as fresh supports life, which is well known as aquatic life. In nature, water is present on earth is in form of vapor, ice and liquid water. However, chemically, water is colourless, odourless, tasteless liquid, having chemical formula H2O. On Earth, water moves continuously through water cycle, which is the reason for rainfall and snowfall.

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Importance of water

Water is essential component for survival of life on Earth. All living organisms require water for survival and existance. We humanscontains about 70% of water in body. It helps to keep body hydrated, flush out toxins from the body, regulate body temperature etc. Moreover, it allows free movement of food in the intestine. If water is present in less quantity, one can suffer with constipation. Moreover, Science says that, water protects spinal cord, and keeps the joints lubricated. Similarly, plant body contains 90% of water. Plants can synthesise food only in the presence of water, moreover, water maintains turgidity of cell. Also,it helps in maintaining temperature of plant body and absorption of nutrients from the soil. Germination of seed, growing of seed into a plant body is also impossible without water.

Uses of water

  • Water is used in domestic purpose like washing, drinking, cleaning, bathing, cooking.
  • It is used in industries for manufacturing purposes.
  • Water is used in agricultural purposes like farming, gardening, fishing.
  • It is used in generating electricity.
  • Water is used in various sports like boating, rafting, swimming, in water parks for enjoyment and fun.

Wastage and pollution of water

Water is wasted on large amount in domestic washing, washing of vehicles, gardening purpose. During summers, pipelines burst, which causes wastage of several gallons of water. Leakage in tap or continuous running tap causes wastage of water.

Researches says that, we humans waste around 24% of water in flushing toilets, 20% in shower, 18% in washing clothes and dishes, 13% in water leaks, 6% in bathing and other domestic works. Now, if we talk about water pollution, domestic waste are dumped in sources of freshwater. Industrial waste are let in running water. However, these waste contains harmful chemicals which cause threat to aquatic life. Increase of minerals in water body causes growth of plants and algae, covering the top layer of waterbody. This process is known as eutrophication.

Eutrophication, blocks the sunlight whereas, stops the contact of air with water. This situation proves threat to aquatic animals leading to death. Thus, polluting the waterbody. River Ganga is world’s fifth most polluted river. Pollution of river Ganga is causing harm not only to human but also species of fish. Out of which, indian dolphins of ganga, ganga sharks, crocodiles and turtles are the most endangered species.

Need to Save Water

Though Earth is covered 70% with water, still we have only small amount of freshwater for our basic need, thus, there is need to save water. Save water for what? Main purpose for saving water is drinking. Without water, survival would be possible for just few days. h
However, crops cannot be produced without water. Our domestic needs will not be satisfied without water. Not only humans, but also plants and animals depends upon water for survival. Moreover, water is needed to maintain sewage systems. So how can we save water?

How can we save water?

Freshwater on Earth is limited, so let’s stop wasting a single drop of water and start save each drop. LearnFatafat provides you with some basic tips to save water.

  • Save water indoors: Water can be saved in homes by solving leakage problems of taps and pipes. Take short showers and use low flushes in toilets. Also, use less amount of water for washing and cleaning purposes. Keep tap off while brushing your teeth. Avoid overflow of water tanks at home.
  • Save water outdoors: Avoid wastage of water during washing of vehicles. Water your lawns before 10 am and after 5 pm. Use drip systems for irrigation. Broom parking lots and garage rather than washing daily. Moreover, ask childrens not to play with hose and sprinkler in your garden.
  • Planting trees: Planting trees is long term effective way to save water. When you plant tree, roots of tree grip the soil firmly. Growing roots improves aeration and drainage. Thus, helping water to penetrate deep in the soil.
  • Rainwater harvesting: Rainwater harvesting is the method of collecting and storage of rainwater. In this method, rainwater from rooftops and other hard surfaces is directed towards wells, pits or storage tanks where water is stored. This water is then used for domestic purposes and irrigation. However, this water plays an important role at time of droughts.
  • Recycling and Reuse: Waste or sewage water treated and made available for drinking, domestic and irrigation purpose. Water recycled for irrigation requires less treatment than water recycled for drinking. This is to prevent humans from diseases. Reuse of water can be done effectively at homes. Water used for washing can be used for flushing toilets rather than throwing away. When you water plants, excess of water flow from pots. This water can be reused for watering other small plants.

Conclusion: For human survival there is strong need to save, reuse and recycle water.

Hope this article proves helpful to you. Do share the article to spread awareness about importance of water. Share your thoughts on reuse and recycling of water in the comments below.

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