How to calculate CGPA ?

Every year the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts examinations for class 10 and class 12 in the months of February to March respectively. Also, CBSE declares result for class 10 and class 12 probably in the month of May or June. Moreover, CBSE declares result according CGPA grading system. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average. CGPA is the average of grade points of all subjects excluding 6th additional subject as per scheme of studies. It’s very important for each student to have knowledge about How to calculate CGPA?. This is because, for higher studies while changing the board, many state boards accepts the obtained marks in percentage form rather than CGPA, for matching the criteria for all students at one level. Thus, it is important for every student to understand the grading system. This article, will help you to calculate CGPA for CBSE board.

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How to calculate CGPA ?

So, let’s learn how to calculate CGPA. Follow the easy steps provided below

  • Step 1: Add the grade points obtained by you in main subjects.

  • Step 2: Divide sum by total number of subjects.The answer is your CGPA.

For better understanding let’s take an example. You can take reference of following table, for calculation.

How to calculate CGPA | How to convert CGPA into percentage

How to calculate CGPA : Grade and grade points chart

Suppose grades scored in 5 main subjects are as follows:
Maths – A2 i.e 9, Science – A2 i.e 9, Social Science – B1 i.e. 8, Language 1 – B1 i.e. 8, Language 2 – B1 i.e. 8.
Now, lets calculate CGPA:

  • Using step 1 ⇒ Add the grade points (9 + 9 + 8 + 8+ 8). The sum is 42.

  • Using step 2 ⇒ Divide 42 by 5. Answer is 8.4

  • Thus, your CGPA will be 8.4 .

However, it is very important to know about grades and grade points. As per the new marking scheme the marks obtained are given in grade. So, if you have grade on your mark sheet as Maths – A1, Science – A1, Social Science – A2, Language 1 – B1, Language 2 – A1, then consider the grade points as mentioned in the table above.
For A1 – 10, A2 – 9, B1 – 8.
So your score will be (A1 + A1 + A2 + B1 + A1) i.e. 10 + 10 + 9 + 8 + 10 = 47
Now divide sum by 5 (as subjects we have considered are 5).
By dividing 47 by 5, we get 9.4. This will be your CGPA.

How to convert CGPA into percentage ?

It’s very simple to get your scores into percentage. To convert CGPA into percentage, multiply your CGPA with 9.5.

Percentage = CGPA x 9.5

Where CGPA is the sum of grade points obtained in top subjects.
Let’s consider the following example to calculate CGPA into percentage.
If you have 8.4 CGPA then multiply it with 9.5. So, your total percentage will be 79.8%.
To check the result of CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 visit the official link of CBSE – CBSE Class 10 and 12 Results

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