Meristematic Tissue in Plants

Tissues are group of cells that perform same functions. Thus, tissues are classified in two types plant tissue and animal tissue . Plant tissue are classified into meristematic tissue, simple permanent tissue and complex permanent tissue .

Meristematic tissue

meristematic tissue

Meristematic tissue

It is responsible for growth of plant. Meristematic tissue has the ability to divide and redivide to provide growth to plants.Generally, growth of plants occurs from specific region like root and shoot, nodes, girth of stem, leaf base etc. Therefore, meristematic tissue is present in these regions. Types of meristematic tissue are apical meristem, Intercalary meristem, lateral meristem.

  • Apical meristem is present on root and shoot tips of the plant. This tissue divides and results in growth of stem and roots of the plant.
  • Intercalary meristem is present on leaf base and nodes.
  • Lateral meristem is responsible for increase in circumference i.e. girth of the stem or root of the plant.

Meristematic tissue can divide and redivide upto an extent, after this they lose the ability to divide, thereby, converting into permanent tissue. Growth in plants with meristematic tissue can be easily demonstrated experimentally with help of onion bulbs.

Onion bulb experiment

Meristematic tissue

Onion bulb experiment

  1. Take two jars filled with water
  2. Take two onion bulbs and place one in each jar
  3. Observe changes occurred in onion bulbs after 2 days
  4. Cut the root tips of onion bulb in second jar and observe it after 3 days

Observation of Onion bulb experiment: This experiment suggests that growth of plant occurs from specific region.In first jar root tips were uncut, hence, the growth of root tips did not stop. However,in second jar, root tips were cut, i.e. apical meristem form the root tips were removed. As a result, growth of roots of onion bulb in second jar stopped.

This article is helpful for Class 9 Science

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