history class 10

CBSE 10 History

Total no. of Chapters - 8, Total video lessons - 103
Total no. of Tests - 111, Course Duration - 8 hours
Rise of Nationalism in Europe The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China Nationalism in India The Making of Global World The Age of Industrialization Work,Life and Leisure Print Culture and the Modern World Novels Society and History

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CBSE 10 History
Feel all historical activities with LearnFatafat CBSE 10 History course. LearnFatafat provides total 213 video lessons on Social Science. Out of which LearnFatafat CBSE Class 10 History course are covered in 103 video lessons, with course duration of 8 hours. It covers all the concepts of 8 chapters on NCERT based syllabus of Class 10. It provides simple way of learning with its simplified concepts and interesting animations. Video lessons contains detailed explanation of historical events, properly mentioned dates and year for each event, well explained strategies of wars and movements and many more. LearnFatafat helps you in quick revision, self study and many more. To test knowledge gained from video lesson, LearnFatafat CBSE 10 History course provides online test associated with each video. History full course contains total 111 test in quiz format. It is recommended that you first go through video and understand the concept, have grip on your knowledge, and then solve the test.
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01 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

02 The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

03 Nationalism in India

04 The Making of a Global World

05 The Age of Industrialization

06 Work Life and Leisure

07 Print Culture and the Modern World

08 Novels Society and History