Karnataka SSLC 10 – Mathematics,Science (Online)

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Karnataka SSLC Class 10 Maths+Science Online Course. Course is as per new syllabus of Karanataka Board Class 10, 2021-2022 with 12 months validity
Subjects Covered – Mathematics, Science
Number of Chapter – 31
Number of Videos – 176


Course Description
The course contains full syllabus of Karnataka Board Class 10 for subjects Maths and Science. Complete syllabus is explained in short videos of maximum 5 minutes each. You can start your study now and excel your exams. The course is available as per new revised syllabus of SSLC Karnataka Board Class 10. The course is divided in Mathematics part 1, Mathematics part 2 and Science part 1, Science part 2.

Course Content
Subjects Covered – Mathematics, Science
Number of Chapters – 31
Number of Videos – 176

Key Features
1. Concept understanding as brain processes and conceptualize visuals faster
2. Chapter wise and topic wise tests for each video
3. Covers maximum of your syllabus for given subjects
4. Simple language and Indian accent making it easy to understand and learn
5. Internet is required to learn
6. Understand quickly, Remember more and Revise faster
7. Best for crash course, revisions and self-study

This online Course is valid for 12 months

Science Part 1

01 Chemical Reactions and Equations (5 videos)

02 Acids, Bases and Salts (7 videos)

03 Metals and Non-metals (7 videos)

04 Life Processes (9 videos)

05 Control and Coordination (4 videos)

06 Electricity (6 videos)

07 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (8 videos)

08 Our Environment (4 videos)

Science Part 2

01 Carbon and its Compounds (4 videos)

02 Periodic Classification of Elements (3 videos)

03 How Do Organisms Reproduce (5 videos)

04 Heredity and Evolution (9 videos)

05 Light : Reflection and Refraction (10 videos)

06 Human Eye and Colourful World (5 videos)

07 Sources of Energy (9 videos)

08 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (5 videos)

Mathematics Part 1

01 Arithmetic Progressions (3 videos)

02 Triangles (14 videos)

03 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables (6 videos)

04 Circles (4 videos)

05 Areas Related to Circles (3 videos)

06 Constructions (5 videos)

07 Coordinate Geometry (5 videos)

08 Real Numbers (6 videos)

Mathematics Part 2

4 reviews for Karnataka SSLC 10 – Mathematics,Science (Online)

  1. S.T. Balaswamy

    Nice explanations of concept. I use to teach my daughter at home. With LearnFatafat she already completed her 25% of the syllabus. Really amazing approach.

  2. Abhishek S.

    My daughter like this course! SSLC syllabus is covered with the help of simple and informative videos.

  3. Yasmin

    Useful course. Make it available for other subjects also.

    • LearnFatafat

      Hi Yasmin,
      We are trying our best to offer you as many subjects as possible. Thanks for appreciation.

  4. Zoya Shaikh

    Nice and useful. Please make available social science also.

    • LearnFatafat

      Hi Zoya,
      Yes, we are trying our best to provide you social science subject. It will be available soon.

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