CBSE 9 Maths, Science (Online)


CBSE 9 Mathematics, Science Online Course with 12 months validity.
Subjects Covered – Mathematics, Science
Number of Chapter – 30
Number of Videos – 138



Instant access with Internet

Course Description
This is the course for CBSE Class 9 Mathematics, Science. The complete syllabus is explained in short videos of a maximum of 5-6 minutes each. You can start your study now and excel in your exams.

Course Content
Subjects Covered – Mathematics, Science
Number of Chapters – 30
Number of Videos – 130

Key Features
1. Concept understanding as brain processes and conceptualize visuals faster
2. Covers maximum of your syllabus for given subjects
3. Simple language and Indian accent making it easy to understand and learn
4. Understand quickly, remember more and revise faster
5. Best for a crash course, revisions, and self-study
6. Internet is required to learn through an online course

This course in DVD is valid for 12 months


1. Number Systems

2. Polynomials

3. Coordinate Geometry

4. Linear Equations in Two Variables

5. Introduction to Euclid's Geometry

6. Lines and Angles

7. Triangles

8. Quadrilaterals

9. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

10. Circles

11. Constructions

12. Heron's Formula

13. Surface Areas and Volumes

14. Statistics

15. Probability


01 Matter In Our Surroundings

02 Is Matter Around Us Pure

03 Atoms and Molecules

04 Structure of the Atom

05 The Fundamental Unit of Life

06 Tissues

07 Diversity in Living Organisms

08 Motion

09 Force And Laws Of Motion

10 Gravitation

11 Work and Energy

12 Sound

13 Why Do We Fall ILL

14 Natural Resources

15 Improvement In Food Resources


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