Why Choose LearnFatafat?

LearnFatafat provide e-learning courses in school educational sector. Brain processes visuals faster than text. Characters and visuals increase your retention, grasping and memory. Course textbooks are converted into short video tutorials. As name suggests, it provides short videos maximum of 3 to 5 minutes so that user can understand Fatafat (quickly)


  • Let your students focus on concept understanding and not mugging up or rote learning
  • Install LearnFatafat in your labs and let students learn at their own pace
  • Increase students knowledge retention rate and they can refresh memory anytime
  • Increase your institution’s brand value with top class edutech course provider LearnFatafat
  • Keeps progress track of students so that it will improve their academic performance
  • Test series with wide variety of questions based on each video and lesson to test students knowledge and progress
  • Show concepts to students in beginning of class that will value add and enhance your teaching experience
  • Increase students engagement, collaboration and 100% participation in class
  • Change traditional learning system with Digital learning and make ambience broad and participatory
  • Cost effective and time saving
  • Ease of access as courses are available Online and in educational Pen drive and DVDs


af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15Guaranteed Return On Investment

af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15Full support available

af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15Short training provided

af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15Scale your business in wide areas

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