Importance Of Sports In Education

“A sound mind resides in a sound body!” The saying is self explanatory for the need of sports in education. The world around us, is growing at a rapid pace in terms of talent as well as technology. Moreover, population is growing and so is the competition for jobs. It is no surprise to see education as the top priority. In the race of excellence, we forgot the most crucial factor that is health. Is it good to see a graduate with exceptionally well grades but a weak physic? No, not at all! And so is the reason why education must be accompanied with sports to have all round development of the person. Here I am discussing the importance of sports in education.

What Is Sports?

Now as we started talking about the role of sports in education, let’s first understand what does it mean by the term sport? We all like to play games, however, in today’s world mobile games have taken over the outdoor games. When we say “sports”, then in the layman’s words, it means, “a game which involves considerable physical exercise”. To be precise, “It is any human activity which involve physical skills and exertion, governed by a set of rules, undertaken competitively to achieve some predefined result, is a sport.” So that means cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, khokho, etc are sports while mobile or computer games, billiards, cards, chess etc. are not sports instead they are games.

Importance of sports in education

Now, let’s take a deep dive in the ocean of importance and advantages of including sports in education. I will talk about them in three distinct points. The first being advantages to individuals.

Importance And Advantage Of Sports


All over the world we see children glued to the television or the computer or the mobile phone. The exercise remains alien to them. Lack of exercise resulted in rising cases of heart problems, obesity. Slowly and surely they start getting addicted to them. When those “things” are unavailable children start feeling uneasy which raises the mental stress. Including sports in education is an effective weapon over all these problems. Physical exercise keeps the body fit and healthy, furthermore, it increases the stamina and also stimulates the growth. The activities in the sports bring up activeness, attentiveness in the child which makes the child agile. Sports grows discipline, willpower, determination, and team spirit within them. It is true that sports consume time, however isn’t it worth it, as it helps to relieve mental stress and pressure. Afterall, we know that, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. The situations like winning and losing become so familiar to them that handling difficult situations remain a piece of cake to them. This helps them handle pressure of exams very easily.

Now-a-days, having a sports tag can help the sports person to get scholarships for higher education. It also gives some extra points in the curriculum as well as competitive examinations. There are dedicated places for the sports persons in the vacancies.


Some sports are not the games of a single person, instead those require a collective effort or what we say a teamwork. Children start understanding, “one can’t stand against a giant, together they can defeat the giant.” To win the game, teamwork should be backed by leadership. So sports can raise great leaders through improving skills like taking the initiative, communication skills, time management skills, goal oriented decision making, working with team for the common goal etc. The social qualities like positive attitude, listening to others, keeping patience, cooperation, following direction, tolerance etc grows in them. All this helps to raise up a civilized society.

Economical advantages

Almost 85% of people believe that, “no education, no job”. I would say those people need to open their eyes and see the truth. Education is not everyones cup of tea, but it doesn’t mean the end. We have plenty of examples for the sports being a great career option. The player who failed in class 10 examination is now one of respected personality in India. I am talking about, “Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar”. A seven time World Amateur Boxing Champion, Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, better known as Mary Kom, was never a good student but had a sports spirit. She passed many hurdles to get success. We can find many such examples which proves sports as a great career option. If you read the biographies of these people, you will come to know that if you have vision and passion and zest to achieve, nobody can stop you from becoming a great sports person.

Career Opportunities In Sports

Throughout the year various state and national events are organised which could be a great platform for the young talent to flourish. One of such initiatives is “Khelo India” . You must be familiar with it. With the advent of leagues for sports like cricket, kabaddi, football, hockey in India the opportunities are growing steadily and rapidly, not only for the players but also for the coaches, trainers, sports businesses and for all the stakeholders of sports domain.

If you are willing to choose sports over education, in that case, I would like to let you know that, you should not neglect the education. Because sports is often backed by education. Sports can give you health and wealth but education helps you to have a better lifestyle, a rationale to look at things. So, neither education is good without sports nor the sports is good without education. Both are complementary to each other.

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Author – Tejal Patil is Content Head at LearnFatafat and has interest in sports and technologies.
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