7 Ways How To Groom Your Child For School

I am neither a writer nor I have written any blog. But for LearnFatafat user community, this is my first attempt, where, I have tried to share my personal experience as a father of a daughter and a son. My kids are in grade 3 and grade 6. And all the views in the below read How to groom your child for school, are based on my experience and are completely personal. Few may not agree with it but I do and practice those while dealing with my kids. Hope this small read bring success to yours humpty dumpty too, while schooling🙂  So, here are some ways to make your child succeed in school education.

How To Groom Your Child For School

How To Groom Your Child For School | LearnFatafat

Tips to groom your child for school

1. Interact with children

Start interacting with children on various activities that are happening in the classroom. Be casual and be like a friend. Make them feel comfortable. Your agenda for this should be, to understand the situation, what students are doing in the classroom? How they are spending time? are they stressed? What they love doing in the classroom? What they hate? How they are performing in the school, etc. Collect as much information as you want from the child. This is not a day task, but this is a regular task.

2. Analyse the school as well as classroom environment

Once you collect all the information, analyse the school as well as classroom environment. Understand if your children are enjoying it or not. Practically speaking no one enjoys being closed in the room and listening to all the lectures. Everyone needs freedom, as you need freedom, so does your children. But with whatever limitations we have in our school education system, try to understand if your children are still enjoying the school. Examine if they are not so tense and if they are tensed or under pressure, try to make them understand you are with them. Don’t afraid!! Make them understand even if you don’t do homework, it’s ok sometimes. At max, the teacher will punish them, that’s all. However, make their practice to complete homework regularly.

In my opinion, children should not be tensed in school. There can be some side effects of this but the adverse effect of child being tensed in the school environment are more than the other case.

3. Understand how the child is performing in academics

Check how your children are performing in the academics. Sit with them and understand what they know, what they don’t know. Encourage them to study not for making a career but to make them a good human being. Avoid telling all the time about career. Don’t make them feel the pressure of career and future all the time. Help them do better in academics for simpler things like getting a medal, getting distinction, getting good marks, etc.

4. Teach them values

Take time to teach them our culture and moral values. Teach them to speak the truth, not to copy. to help others, to be honest, non-violence. You can ask for some direct and indirect questions, to understand whether your children are following best practices or values and our culture. Let’s oath to mould them into good human beings and not a machine.

5. Don’t send them to extra class or tutions

Our children are already spending 8 to 9 hours in school including travel. Don’t make their life hell by sending them, extra academic class. Non-academic classes like play, dance, music, etc is ok if your children are enjoying those. Instead, if parents have time, they can spend some time at home, teaching them the subjects, in which they are weak at.

6. Try to make them self dependent

Parents need to involve till the primary and to some extent in the secondary school level. But eventually, your children need to be self-dependent. Try to teach them to work on what they don’t understand. Make them understand their strengths, weaknesses. Prepare a study plan with them so that they understand how to prepare on their own. LearnFatafat provides some important study tips to score high in examinations – “How To Study – 10 Best Study Tips”

7. Many other things

Don’t always be in teaching mode. Keep them away from electronic gadgets. Send them to the playground. Attend school functions. Spend time with them. Play with them. Let them understand you are with them in goods and bads. Sometimes, let them bunk the classes. Let them spend the time with other kids too, do not always keep them binded and not just with you or elder people.

These are some points or tips that I am following. As these are helping my children I hope they help yours too. Share this article and comment your ways to groom a child for schooling. Enjoy parenting!!! 😉

Note: All the views in this article are the personal views and experience by author, which do not have intentions to hurt any educational institutions, parents, students or anyone.

Author – Pankaj Chhajed is an entrepreneur and CEO at learnfatafat.com.
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