04 Moving Charges and Magnetism

Moving Charges and Magnetism: This is the fourth chapter of Physics part I of CBSE Class 12. Full chapter is divided in 18 short and easy to understand video lessons. It is recommended that you should go through video lessons one by one and then link and understand the concepts. Video lessons are – Concept of Magnetic Field, Magnetic Force on Current Carrying Conductor, Motion of a Charge in Magnetic Field, Velocity Selector, Cyclotron, Biot Savart’s Law, Magnetic Field on the Axis of Circular Current Carrying Loop, Ampere’s Circuital Law, Proof and Applications of Ampere’s Circuital Law, The Solenoid, Toroid, Force Between Two Parallel Current Carrying Conductor, Torque on a rectangular current loop with its plane aligned with Magnetic Field, Torque on a rectangular current loop with its plane at some angle with Magnetic Field, Circular Current Loop as Magnetic Dipole, The Magnetic Dipole Moment of a Revolving Electron, The Moving Coil Galvanometer, Conversion of Galvanometer to Ammeter and Voltmeter. Click here to buy the product or browse for more video lessons.