05 Magnetism and Matter

Magnetism and Matter: This is the fifth chapter of Physics part I of CBSE Class 12. Full chapter is divided in 14 short and easy to understand video lessons. It is recommended that you should go through video lessons one by one and then link and understand the concepts. Video lessons are – Magnetic Phenomenon and Bar Magnets, Bar Magnet and Magnetic Field Lines, Bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid, Magnetic dipole in a uniform magnetic field, Gauss’s Law in Magnetism, The Earth’s Magnetism, Magnetic Declination and Inclination, Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity, Magnetic Susceptibility and Magnetic Permeability, Magnetic Properties of Materials – Diamagnetism, Magnetic Properties of Materials – Paramagnetism, Ferromagnetism, Hysteresis, Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets. Click here to buy the product or browse for more video lessons.