07 Alternating Current

Alternating Current: This is the seventh chapter of Physics part I of CBSE Class 12. Full chapter is divided in 18 short and easy to understand video lessons. It is recommended that you should go through video lessons one by one and then link and understand the concepts. Video lessons are – AC Current – Introduction, AC Voltage Applied to a Resistor, Power in Resistive Circuit, Representation of AC current and Voltages: Phasor Diagram, AC Voltage applied to an Inductor, Power in Inductive Circuit, AC Voltage applied to a Capacitor, Power in Capacitive Circuit, AC Voltage applied to Series LCR Circuit: Phasor Diagram Solution, AC Voltage applied to Series LCR Circuit: Analytical Solution, Resonance in AC Circuit, Sharpness of Resonance and Q Factor, Power in AC Circuit: The Power Factor, LC Oscillator – Derivation of Current, LC Oscillator – Explanation of Phenomena, Analogous Study of Mechanical Oscillations with LC Oscillations, Construction and Working Principle of Transformers, Step Up- Step Down Transformers, and Limitations of Practical Transformer. Click here to buy the product or browse for more video lessons.