MSB Class 10 Economics

MH SSC 10 Economics

Total no. of Chapters - 4
Total video lessons - 23
Course Duration - 2 hours

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MSB Class 10 Economics. A general question is there among common man, “why rich people becomes more richer and poor ones remain poorer?” Find answer with LearnFatafat MSB Class 10 Economics course. LearnFatafat provides total 283 video lessons on Social Science. Out of which LearnFatafat MSB Class 10 Economics course provides 23 video lessons, with course duration of 1 hour. It covers all the concepts of 4 chapters based on Maharashtra State Board syllabus of Economics Class 10. It provides simple way of learning with its simplified concepts and interesting animations. Video lessons briefly explains various sectors of economy and problems related to it, inflation, adulteration, consumer rights and more. It makes you familiar with terms money, credit, globalisation and more. For easy understanding, video lessons are divided according to chapters; Development, Sectors of Indian Economy, Money and Credit, Globalisation and the Indian Economy, Consumer Rights. LearnFatafat helps you in quick revision, self study and many more. To test knowledge gained from video lesson, LearnFatafat CBSE Class 10 Economics course provides online test associated with each video. Economics full course contains total 24 test in quiz format. It is recommended that you first go through video and understand the concept, have grip on your knowledge, and then solve the test.
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